12:27 PM Posted by James Owens

A poem in the July issue of Flutter

An Excursion into Philosophy

After the painting by Edward Hopper

Regret must weight this hour, a life of error,
past repair, the morning brightness a reproach.

How long has morning here been elegy?....



sam of the ten thousand things said...

Great, great poem, James. Wonderful piece.

Flutter has an interesting layout for the poem. I like the look a great deal.

anhaga said...

Thanks, Sam. Hopper is an endless source of inspiration. A lot of people, I'm afraid, never really look at his work beyond a few "iconic" pieces, but he has so many really good paintings tucked away in odd places.

Sorlil said...

I like this poem esp.
"...the shaft of morning sun
that searches the window and finds the floor". I also very much like the painting, kind of surrealist but not in any explicit sense.

anhaga said...

sorlil: Thanks for coming by, and for your comment. This particular poem developed very slowly in many drafts over a couple of years, at least, and had a difficult time finding publication. Which means that your reaction is especially happy for me to read. Maybe I wasn't wasting time, after all....