9:34 AM Posted by James Owens

Sunday Morning Pessimism About the Course of History

The line that ran
From fiat lux
To God the Man
And bloody crux

Let he who can
Come crack this nux,
Teach all to scan
Those words of Luke’s:

“He counts the sparrows,
So drop your dukes.”
Like ancient arrows
We fletch our nukes.



Sorlil said...

lol, I really wanted to read this to the tune of Scots Wha Hae, the rhythm and rhyme scheme is the same until the 'teach all to scan' line which should have three beats in it to work .

Roxana said...

you decided to lift up your gaze from the gates of troy and consider the course of history? :-) I am still laughing about 'Myself, I'm still waiting to see how that tricky situation at the walls of Troy plays itself out' :-) hi sorlil, I had to borrow this from the discussion on your blog, maybe James was inspired by it?
(btw, I had to look up the term 'doggerel' :-)

sam of the ten thousand things said...

Interesting twist in the final stanza, James. Enjoyed the piece.