1:35 PM Posted by James Owens

My serious gratitude to everyone who came to my reading last night at Indiana University South Bend. It was a respectable crowd of attentive, intelligent readers whom I enjoyed being with. I am especially grateful since attendees had to brave an unseasonable snow storm and temperatures in the twenties. Special thanks to Kelcey Parker and the English department for coordinating and hosting, and to Nora Belzowski for getting the whole thing started and carting me about.

If the one thing you've been waiting for to make your life complete is to see me read, you can watch a video of a short poem here



Sorlil said...

Fantastic! Now I can read your poems with your voice in the back of my mind, it makes such a difference to hear a poet read their own work, don't you think?
I like how you emphasize and articulate the words.

Charmi said...

And thanks so much for coming out in the cold to read for us!

Talia said...

I enjoyed it, and driving home in the western direction last night was rather hairy. I didn't have to go as far west as you (Walkerton) but LaPorte sort of got slammed.

IUSB Creative Writing said...

It was a great night. I originally had my camera start recording "Tick," which, of course, went on for over a minute and a half--and exceeded my memory card capacity. So when you said, "here's a short one," I hit *record*!

Thanks for bringing your work to IUSB.


sam of the ten thousand things said...

"History of the Moon" is a beautifully compressed piece. Enjoyed the video, James.