10:57 AM Posted by James Owens

Just back last night from a week away. Here are the names of some towns in Eastern Kentucky, a place I love:

Bonny Man
Defeated Creek

There are also a lot of churches in that part of the world, and many of them are named after women who were important to their founders, women who are affectionately referred to as "little" -- for example, the Little Sarah Church, the Church of Little Rachel, etc. Just outside Skeetrock, Virginia, one finds the Church of Little Hope.

I've nothing else to say about that.



Sorlil said...

This reminds me of a poem in a book I bought recently by Jen Hadfield which goes like:

I will meet you at Pity Me Wood.
I will meet you at Up To No Good.

I will meet you at Stank, Shank and Stye.
I will meet you at Blowfly.

lol, and so it continues.