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A review of Leonard Cirino's after yang chi & others in The Pedestal Magazine

Light Wind
after Ma Chih-yuan

Old crows on wires
in this twelfth month of the year.
Fingerlings run downstream,
branches collect on sandy banks.
Prime ministers of poverty,
my poems dream of hard labor.
It is time to retire, to become
the fragrance of snow, a light
breeze through persimmon limbs.



Roxana said...

as always, i am fascinated with the subtlety of your readings (it is exactly for that reason that i couldn't find anything meaningful to say about your Beowulf post).
i like the poem you chose for the Klage-Welt, especially the ending lines.

Elise said...

Good morning - I just had to stop by and leave you a note because you have the most wonderfully fabulous blog. I've loved reading your interesting posts, all very creative and great pictures too. What could be more perfect ? Thanks for sharing them all and best wishes...

James Owens said...

Roxana: Thank you. It's true, I am more subtle than any beast of the field (Und ich bin listiger denn alle Tiere auf dem Felde). I'm always happy to see you here.

James Owens said...

Elise: Hello! Thank you for commenting, and it's nice to meet you. You are welcome back any time.

Roxana said...

i think we miss you here :-)