Bouts rimés

8:07 AM Posted by James Owens

(Sonnet with rhymes supplied by Court Green magazine)


He slips below the roses scenting June
And pauses in Hades’s gate—which trembles at the stress
Of his living tread—for a last glance at the moon,
Pale thought haunting a skull of sky....
I obsess
Over this moment in the story, not the wife a snake
Had ruined, not the celebrated but moot
Petition before a queen on a throne like a wedding cake,
His song puzzled mid-word: “Eurydice, now more beaut—“

Think of the world he leaves behind: Bread and Garbo,
Sex and storms, books, the concept of play,
Randomness, the entwined fates of king and hobo,
This dear hubbub, the cipher we name today.
Could I turn, like him, from the moon? My song a rhinestone
After the diamond of the real? After flowers, a sad cologne?