Why does French seem to me an autumn language?

8:12 AM Posted by James Owens

Two poems in French, with English translations, at Mauvaise Graine

N.B.: Page layout looks deeply messed up here, but I think that might just be my computer. Also, once you have seen the first poem, you have to click "next" to get the second.



Sam of the ten thousand things said...

James I enjoyed the works, but I have to say that I don't care much for the layout of the magazine. I'm just not used to it I guess.

By the way, Jeff Crouch will have a poem in summer issue of Blue Fifth.

anhaga said...

Thanks, Sam. I have to agree about the layout of Mauvaise Graine. It's nearly unreadable. I can't believe it is supposed to look like it does. I wonder if it is designed for some other browser that just doesn't display correctly on our computers....