I will sink into my country

11:05 AM Posted by James Owens



With my eyes empty, my sight extinguished,
I will sink into my country,
I will walk barefoot through the snow,
torn with longing for an old white field.

I will stare at the edge of the field
blind, not speaking a word.
With black sheep behind me,
burdened by a sorrow without borders,

I will cross the field of snow, my chin nodding against my chest.
I will disappear, humble and silent,
a beggar on the side of the road.
Through ancient towns, through empty villages,
I will walk with my eyes in tears.

Sky blue, sky as red as a tear,
you go dark slowly, so slowly….

Nichita Danilov
from Second-Hand Souls
Translated from Romanian by Sean Cotter



Roxana said...

so do you like him?
he is quite a famous poet from the generation of the 80s, but I must confess I haven't read him. why didn't you post the romanian poem along with the english version? :-)

James Owens said...

I do like him, I think. There is everywhere in his poems this longing for the Other World which is beyond all signs and description, utterly unattainable or even comprehensible --- and yet just barely on the other side of the fingertips. A first world of undivided light. You will know right away that this appeals to me....