2:05 PM Posted by James Owens


A poem at Valparaiso Poetry Review



sam of the ten thousand things said...

Strong image: a lyric

Flush of detail, crimping along
The lucent, veined edge of a maple key

That fills the cleared space of the mind

The cleared space is such a wonderful possibility. Also, like the form here. Fascinating ending with the opening in trees. Congratulations with this piece.

Sorlil said...

I think the ending is gorgeous both in image and in the lengthening of words in the mouth.

Roxana said...

That fills the cleared space of the mind,
Understanding like music against late-spring chill

Where the sun breathes an opening in the trees.

this is brilliant. if only my new woods pictures came out good, to illustrate a bit of this - because this is what i felt myself being there, between the trees, in the air filled with light. this clarity of being.