the sweet silence of now

9:34 PM Posted by James Owens

A review of Anthony Abbott's
New & Selected Poems, 1989 - 2009,
in The Pedestal Magazine

The Man Who Feels The Sleeves Of The Snow

On the day after the snow
he takes his usual walk.
The trees
reach out to him.
Their silver sleeves
have no history
no memory of grief.
Their long white fingers know only
the sweet silence
of now.

--Anthony Abbott



Dianne said...
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Dianne said...

OK, here's my comment.

thank you for this, it is simple and clear, and transient.

I re-worked the pieces you commented on in my site. A Little Rain, and Dessicated Vines haiku. I like them much better this way, a fresh view is helpful.

You are one of the few who give constructive feedback, thanks.

James Owens said...

Dianne: I'm glad you found the comments constructive :-) I try and assume that that is what people want when they post....

I'd like to see the new versions of the poems sometime.

Roxana said...

i always like to discover poets through your eyes - the poems you choose are (almost) always the ones i would choose myself :-) so much that i am looking for pictures now, to be able to post this :-)

James Owens said...


I hope you find the right pictures. I'd like to see that :-)