half-created shadow

8:47 AM Posted by James Owens


To thirst and find no fill - to wail and wander
With short unsteady steps - to pause and ponder -
To feel the blood run through the veins and tingle
Where busy thought and blind sensation mingle;
To nurse the image of unfelt caresses
Till dim imagination just possesses
The half-created shadow, then all the night

--Percy Bysshe Shelley


Roxana said...

a strangely modern Caspar David Friedrich stance :-)

and your quote does prove that such 'romantic' feelings are and will always be a part of us, no matter what day's trend says.

sunt asa de fericita. ma tot uit de vineri la ea, bineinteles, dar ce cuvinte ar putea spune bucuria mea?
ce bine ca ai revenit. aici. mi-a fost asa de dor.

veredit said...

deep and wonderful!

"Ach, wie flüchtig ist die Zeit!
Was wir gestern kaum begonnen,
Heute liegt es schon so weit
Grau und nebelhaft zerronnen –
Ach, so flüchtig ist die Zeit.

Ach, wie flüchtig ist die Zeit!
Doch kein Schritt ging noch verloren,
Denn ein Vater steht bereit,
Wartend vor den ew'gen Toren –
Bei ihm endet Flucht und Zeit!

Clemens Brentano

I embrace you warmly


Ian said...

And we should consider every day lost on which we have not danced at least once. And we should call every truth false which was not accompanied by at least one laugh.
Friedrich Nietzsche

James Owens said...

Roxana: Ah, you know that Friedrich is one of my guiding spirits! These "romantic" feelings are ineradicable -- it is this longing into the "beyond" that makes us human -- no matter the current fashion...

Mi-e o bucurie ca esti fericita :-)

James Owens said...

Isabella: Thank you for the Bretano. This is the paradox, is it not?, that this "Flucht," this fleetingness, is also beauty ... one fears that the entry through those gates would mean the end of the beautiful....

Ich umarme dich...

Anna said...

James very profound poem, and love the image. Its yours? Anna :)

James Owens said...

Anna: Thank you. The photo is mine, yes. It is Lake Michigan, though, not the sea.