8:44 AM Posted by James Owens

Under a picture

Swarming of ravens over a wheat billow.
Blue of which heaven? The higher? Neither?
Late arrow that the soul released.
Louder whirring. Nearer glow. This world and the other.

Paul Celan


Marion McCready said...

I like the blue tint, beautiful when you see the wings spread out like that. Always an unsettling experience seeing so many birds in a desolate location.

Anna said...

Beautiful images James!
Anna :)

Roxana said...


you have killed me!!!!!!!!!

musicwithinyou said...

When ever I see flock of birds I always think about the book Jonathan Livington Seagull and one of my favorite parts in the movie Indiana Jones Last Cursade where his father scared a bunch of seagulls to save their lives. He says to Indy " I just remembered Mi Salamain (sp?)

"Let my armies be the rocks and the trees, and the birds in the sky"

James Owens said...

Marion: I can spend a day, watching a flock of birds flow back and forth over an empty field -- their unison a beauty I can never match or comprehend....

Anna: Thank you! :-)

Roxana: Este drept -- ma amintind că ai omorît pe mine cât de adesea!!!!

musicwithinyou: Everybody, I think, looks at these flocks and finds a mirror....

Roxana said...


e drept aşa - a better way to say that is the expression: suntem chit

îmi amintesc cât de des m-ai omorât tu pe mine!!!
(how often you've killed me)

îmi amintesc că m-ai omorât şi tu atât de des
(that you've killed me so often as well)

Roxana said...

'suntem chit' means 'we're even' :-)