different again

12:02 PM Posted by James Owens

Late September, Here

Early mist burns from the lake. The chipmunk
scitters along a lichen-spotted fallen locust,

from cool shade into sun, from sun
through bands of shade.

Small things, yes,
but there is no grief in them.

The pulse of the season finds itself in my body.
I am a vein, a nerve ---

I am different
when a yellow leaf breaks from its twig

to glint down the air,
and different again

when a red leaf falls.


Anne said...

Nous retenons notre souffle pou observer la nature si pleine de vie. Voir un animal sauvage est un cadeau, pouvoir le photographier comme vous le faites si bien, une chance incroyable. Je vous souhaite de nombreux émerveillements et vous remercie pour les belles images et les poèmes que vous publiez.

r said...

I am different
when a poem of yours breaks from its twig
to glint down the air deep into me...

Marion McCready said...

Beautiful, reminds me of Akhmatova.

S. Etole said...

your words contain an element of wonder ...

Anna said...

James nice images dressed with beautiful summer ending words. Thanks for sharing, and hope all is well. Anna :)