An October country: 1

10:24 AM Posted by James Owens

La nature déchire ses manuscrits, démolit sa bibliothèque, gaule rageusement ses derniers fruits….

Nature is tearing up her manuscripts, demolishing her library, madly goading her last fruit from the trees....

Francis Ponge, La fin de l’automne

my beloved with the hair like autumn,
with the smell of autumn wind in your hair,

i will carry red leaves to make you a dress, a veil,
and you will go through the fog of morning
and beneath the muted birdcalls of afternoon,

warm in your scarlet, rustling dress --
as i have touched the leaves
to warm you, as i have gathered

my wounded breath to give you,
here, in the folds of these dying colors


Anne said...

Des couleurs lumineuses et chaudes, l'automne est magnifique et rayonnant chez vous, tant mieux! Merci pour ces belles photos. Ici en France, il fait déjà bien froid.
Bonne fin de semaine!

James Owens said...

Anne: Oui, il fait très beau … mais déjà l’hiver envieux s’accroupit dans les ombres et nous guette. Une bonne fin de semaine a toi!

Cristina said...


James Owens said...

Cristina: Ah, ai vizitat aici! ... uşoră ca o rază caldă prin nori de toamna ... bucurie :-)